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Product Spotlight

GHE® Ripen® 0.5 – 7 – 6

Promotes increased and abundant flowering with greater oil and fragrance production. This highly concentrated formula provides macro-nutrients that are primarily responsible for flower and fruit growth. Ripen® is a liquid finisher that has been specifically engineered and developed to provide these essential macro-nutrients during this final stage in your high-value crop’s life. Use during the final one to two weeks to trigger early plant ripening and to promote robust flower and fruit production. Think of Ripen® as an investment in your plants.

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G.A.S. Step Controller

Simple to use and the most efficient way to regulate your AC fans, the GAS AC Step controller line is made in Europe to the highest standards. Four versions available; 4Amp or 8Amp with optional 13 Amp heater control. The Pro Plus version has a heater control that works in unison with the fan controller.

AC Step controller offers accurate temperature control, operates silently with no clicking between the steps, and, even at low speeds, no humming or vibration from your AC fan.

Keep your grow room at the ideal temperature, all the time.

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G.A.S. Intelligent Humidity Controller

Precision control over grow room humidity. The Intelligent Humidity Controller learns as it operates and maintains the perfect humidity for your plants. Settings for day and night,  the controller dynamically monitors humidity in your grow room environment and controls the levels using VPD (vapour pressure deficit) or relative humidity measurements.

Maintain the perfect humidity and never run out of water in your humidifier with the Intelligent Humidity Controller. Available in 240V and Sonic Air Pro version.

Learn more:

G.A.S. SonicAir

The new standard in grow room humidifiers, both models use ultrasonic ceramic disks to create a very fine mist of water into your grow room environment. Reliable, powerful, and quiet, both humidifiers offer the perfect solution for small and larger grow rooms.

The Pro version gives out a massive 6.5liters of mist an hour, equipped with a built-in float valve and can be connected to a water butt. Both units have built-in auto cut out if the water does run low to prevent damage to the unit.

  • One year guarantee
  • Both controllable with Intelligent Humidity Controller
  • Must be used with RO or filtered water

Check out for more information.

Honey Chome

Intensify fragrance and flavour in your plants with Honey Chome, an aroma and resin enricher from Emerald Harvest.

Designed to enrich your valuable crops with a robust bouquet and plenty of resins during the flowering phase, Honey Chome is made from high-quality ingredients.

This rich formulation is fortified with a boost of all three primary macroelements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Plants reach their maximum genetic potential and achieve plentiful harvests with proper nutrition. The extra N, P, and K in the bottle encourage crop potency and productivity for vigorous growth and fruiting.

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SUPERthrive Tried and True

Used by home gardeners and professionals alike, the trusted, timeless formula is a concentrated non-toxic mixture of vitamins and extracts from kelp seaweed. SUPERthrive has been a staple for countless growers since 1938.

Useful for many applications from Bonsai trees to transplanting, using SUPERthrive results in better uptake of nutrients and water. Provides superb results when used in a hydroponic system.

But what makes SUPERthrive so effective? It’s the industry’s longest kept secret but, with over 300 stockists in the UK, you can visit your local hydroponic retailer to try it out for yourself!

Learn all about its many applications:

Proactive Self Defence

Prevention is Key! Self Defence from Jeff Winterbourne’s Proactive range offers your plants the chance to fend off almost any unwanted attacks from nasty grow room diseases. It works in a similar fashion to a vaccine for people: giving the plant the means to repel any nasty pathogens. All of this from the actions of an enzyme synthesised from Trichoderma fungi. Also, Self Defence is a veritable treasure trove of available Calcium, perfect for building strong and healthy plants.

Contact your local store for more info, or check out the highly informative

Proactive Root Stim

Needless to say, plants need roots. They pass all the magical loveliness from the substrate to the shoots to ensure a timely and suitably robust yield. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to realise that more healthy roots are going to quickly yield you more fruits. Proactive Root Stim has proven itself amongst growers to enhance root mass to an exceptional level, leading to a much stronger plant and, ultimately, a more productive harvest.

A well balanced NPK ratio, amino acids,  humic acids, and ACRECIACTIV™, a purified compound produced naturally by plants, help improve vigour and resist stress.  Head down to your local store and grab a bottle now!

Control Freak Fusions

Whilst you may have seen vast swathes of new fan speed controllers on the market promising you the world, when it comes to running your fans without any sort of background hum, these control freak fusion controllers still outpace any of the newcomers! Perfect for controlling either box fans like Gekko or silent tube fans like Isomax, to ensure absolutely no background hum will be heard when turned down low. No more annoying hum keeping you awake at night!

If you’ve invested in silent fans, then don’t let yourself down when it comes to choosing the controller, make sure you grab a Control Freak for the ultimate in silent air movement.

Sunmaster 10k Finishing Lamps

UV enhancement at its finest. Swapping your grow lights out to these UV enhanced 10K Metal Halide finishing lamps from Sunmaster will result in a much richer aroma and flavour in your final fruits and flowers. Making use of these during your last few weeks of flower will enhance your plants’ expressions of terpenes, flavonoids and essential oil production.

Sunmaster is renowned for providing some of the highest quality lighting products. Head down to your local grow shop to up your oil production game today.

Winter Frost

RIPEN; This is the definitive and physical explanation of exactly that in a bottle, made ready for your favourite fast-growing annual plants. Scientifically created with nature in mind, New Millenium presents the original terpene enhancing and essential oil boosting Winter Frost. The technology behind the label exploits natural plant processes as fruits and flowers ripen to peak perfection. Remaining energies stored or leftover from the bloom phase are spent bulking fruits and swelling flower clusters with copious amounts of natural terpene enriched oils. In nature, this signifies and promotes natural pollination by attracting insects with such fragrant produce. Keep an eye out as more plant-specific technologies drop from labs at New Millenium.

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Cocos Premium – 100% COCO Substrate

Thanks to its ideal structure, Plagron Cocos Premium is the perfect basic substrate. Cocos Premium is natural and fully buffered with stable pH value. Particularly suitable for fast-growing plants, Cocos Premium meets the most stringent quality standards and does not contain any fertilisers. It can be re-used and afterwards, it is suitable as a soil improver. Cocos Premium produces the highest yields in combination with Plagron Cocos A&B and the additives from Plagron. Cocos Premium carries the RHP quality mark.

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